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Advanced Engineering Simulation

Inspire innovation with advanced engineering simulation

Energy and chemical companies need to achieve continuous improvement. Across the supply chain, the need to re- engineer assets and systems of all sizes and shapes is nothing new. Perhaps reactor vessel yields needed to increase. Maybe a design change was required to reduce warranty claims that were eroding gross margins. Regardless of the need, engineers were typically able to resolve the issue using the day's traditional methods. Over time, performance improved.

Today, every energy and utilities (E&U) business is being driven to increase output, consume less energy and produce less waste regardless of its business model. That hasn’t changed. What’s new is the incredible pressure to do more of it, faster and at a time when industry profit margins are close to all-time lows. Local regulations for decarbonizing and reducing emissions are also creating new barriers for some businesses and opportunities for others. Unfortunately, those who cannot add and leverage new capabilities to improve their processes will struggle to survive.